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Here you can find Rosalie's Books with links to purchase.

The Power Of Rain

Elizabeth “Digger” Doyle is a tough reporter who earned her nickname by exposing the shady secrets of Las Vistas politicians who get way too cozy with developers. The glinting windows of Los Sueños, a luxury development next to a cliff, tell her someone is trying to hide something.


She suspects Johnny Raposa, the slippery developer peddling influence at city hall for a road to the fancy new subdivision. Investigating Raposa leads her to Maria Ortiz, an artist who has staked her reputation on stopping the road to save a historic Spanish chapel. The fight over the road pits newcomers to the fast-growing town against the Hispanic community that lived there for centuries. 


Digger is caught in the clash of cultures. She has been a loner since losing her parents as a teen, but now her protected emotional world is upended by her powerful attraction to Maria. 


As she falls for the magnetic and uncompromising Maria, colleagues at the newspaper warn Digger she’s risking her career by getting involved with a story source.


They navigate a tightrope relationship as Digger follows confidential tips from a mysterious source to reveal Raposa’s dark past. Can Digger be true to the story without losing Maria? Can she expose Raposa and stop the road before bulldozers destroy the chapel?


The Sunshine Solution

The Sunshine Solution is a sequel to The Power of Rain which won a National Federation of Press Women Award.


Digger Doyle is settling into a new job, she has just gotten married and her wife has won a critical primary election for a seat at the state legislature. Life is good.


But when her new boss, the Secretary for the Cultural Affairs Department, asks Digger to spy on a political rival’s announcement for a multimillion-dollar solar project, her reporter’s instincts tell her the boss is hiding something and she suspects the project is a scam.


Investigating the scam brings Digger and her wife in conflict with powerful forces bent on revenge...

David Steinberg
Albuquerque Journal

"Elizabeth “Digger” Doyle is the protagonist of Rosalie Rayburn’s lively, crisply-written debut novel “The Power of Rain.” Doyle’s nickname fits; she’s the tireless, hard-charging city hall reporter for the Daily Courier, a newspaper in the fictional New Mexico town of Las Vistas." 
What people are saying about the Digger Doyle Mysteries
Nick Pappas, author of Crosses of Iron: The Tragic Story of Dawson, New Mexico, and Its Twin Mining Disasters

A hard-nosed reporter-turned-detective? Corrupt politicians? Sleazy developers? Political intrigue? Check. Welcome to The Sunshine Solution, Ms. Rayburn's second entry in her engaging Digger Doyle mystery series, set amidst the breathtaking vistas of New Mexico, where the author worked for two decades as a staff writer for the state's largest newspaper. 

-- Nick Pappas, author of Crosses of Iron: The Tragic Story of Dawson, New Mexico, and Its Twin Mining Disasters

Amazon reviewer

"This novel has all the characteristics of a page-turner –romance, underhanded or bewildered City officials, journalists at work to shine light on bureaucratic dealings, nefarious developers and the power of local people who keep showing up and speaking the truth."
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