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Rosalie in the Red and Green

A retiree's adventures in moving from New Mexico to Portugal

Desert Highway

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Tomar Festival

The Festa dos Tabuleiros, or festival of the trays, is an event unique to the town of Tomar in central Portugal. It happens once every four years and draws upwards of half a million visitors to the town of around 23,000 residents. 

Useful Things to know...

I have living in Portugal for almost four years now. Almost every day I learn something new about this country and its culture. It may be a new word or expression in Portuguese. Or it may be noticing a new flower, fruit, or vegetable. Or just figuring out another aspect of the inevitable bureaucracy that goes with moving to a new country.

Learning Portuguese

Being able to speak Portuguese is a huge advantage for anyone planning to move to this lovely country. Many Portuguese people speak very good English. But they are usually delighted when you show that you’ve made the effort to learn

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